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Food Innovation Center current tasting opportunity
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Updated 07/11/2102

Please note:  the following are not get-rich-scams, buy and stuff envelopes at home, network marketing opportunities or sell stuff on eBay.  Please click here for information from the FTC on common work-at-home schemes and don't fall victim to these 'to-good-to-be-true' opportunities.
Biomat USA
Blood plasma donation, $25 for first donation and $40 for 2nd donation.  Check the Portland Tribune newspaper; every now and then the company will post a small box ad that you can bring in for an extra $5.  Located at 8033 S.E. Holgate Boulevard.  Call (503) 777-5320 for more info.
Consumer Opinion Services Located inside the Lloyd Center, this company specializes in focus groups.  In the past, we've taken food taste tests, evaluated public health campaigns and more.  Register by phone or online.
Craigslist Etc. Jobs Check here for anything and everything part-time gigs and jobs--pet sitter, errand runner, consumer opinion panels, baby sitter, laborer, newspaper delivery and a whole lot more.
E-Rewards Web-based opinion surveys a few cents at a time.  The earnings add up and you can redeem your 'earnings' on magazine subscriptions, airline miles, or vouchers for retailers such as Blockbuster and FTD.com.  You won't get rich but you may find the rewards to be worth your time.
Extras Only Local casting agency for films, commercials, events and corporations.  See web site for complete member details.
Food Innovation Center The Food Innovation Center (FIC) regularly holds consumer taste tests on a variety of products.  Volunteers provide opinions and feedback on a questionaire.  Compensation is usually $20 or $25 for 30 minutes of 'work.'  We have participated in the past and have sampled ice cream sandwiches, apples, microwave bowls, soup and chips.  Get on the email list and the FIC will email upcoming taste tests. 

** Current FIC Opportunity **

None currently posted
Market Decisions Corporation Local company offers opportunities to join a focus group, mock jury or research panel.  If you have had experience with this company, please email feedback to us so that we may post your review or comments.
Oregon Health Sciences University Infertility Program Provides information on becoming a sperm donator or an egg donator.  Please see web site for complete program details and requirements.  For men, OHSU is no longer accepting participants into the program.
Reality Check Mystery Shopping There's a bunch out there on the web, and you'll find a lot of resources on Mystery Shopping Providers Association.  Years ago we worked with Seattle-based Reality Check Mystery Shoppers, and our assignments included McMenamins, Burgerville, Fred Meyer and Mike's Drive-In.  Please note that you will be considered an independent contractor, which means you'll have to pay some self-employment taxes on the amount earned.  See web site for further details and to apply online. 
CLS Plasma (formerly ZLB Plasma)
Located out in Gresham, donate your plasma and get $40.  Please see web site FAQ for requirements and for plasma center address and phone number.


Bank of the West Get up to $100 when you open a free Bank of the West checking account.  Expired 11/01/08
Key Bank $100 to every new KeyBank checking account customer.  Must open the account between 10/17/08 and 11/07/08.  See web site for more fine print.  Expired 11/07/08
US Bank Get a $100 cash bonus when you open a U.S. Bank checking account with direct desposit.  There are a few fine print details so be sure to call  or visit your local branch for the scoop!  Expired 10/31/08

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